What We Do


Strike Force Energy is a zero sugar, zero calorie, zero carbohydrate liquid ‘beverage’ enhancer. It contains all the necessary ingredients most of us require for staying alert, responsive and energised to carry out functions either on a short or longer-term time without any chemical crashes or digestive challenges normally faced with canned energy drinks.


We have and are building a brand around a superior product line that is tested, proven and built to perform time and time again in some of the world’s most challenging roles, sports and environments. In an age where disposable clothing is being produced and purchased, we remain firmly opposed to that trend. We believe that we have made one of the best clothing & layering systems to allow the wearer not just protection and comfort but confidence that the clothing will not fail them as they push their own limits in their respective environments and roles. The range is inclusive and encompassing for both men and women and provides a variety of styles fitting to those within the military, close protection, police and to those with an athletic and extreme outdoor passion.


B5 Systems is an an industry leader in U.S. military and aerospace manufacturing. With a passion for quality design and engineering, we’ve created some of the finest firearms accessories on the market and collaborated the likes of Lockheed Martin, Boeing, L-3 Communications, and Sig Sauer. B5 Systems believes in the power of potential. Whether we’re talking about the pure kinetic potential of a bullet in the chamber, or the potential of every gun owner to become a master of their firearm, potential is built into every facet of our company and the way we approach our business.