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The NEW RANGE of Virtus Caps in XEROS (arid), EKHO (urban) and Delos (blue) patterns as well as Black. All caps are 'One Size' and have an adjustable Virtus branded Velcro back band. 

EKHO - Light Grey netting back, Black Velcro patch, light grey stitching.

DELOS - Blue netting back, Dark Blue Velcro patch, light blue stitching. 

XEROS - Prairie Sand netting back, Dark Prairie sand velcro patch, light prairie sand stitching. 

BLACK - Light Grey netting back. 

The Virtus Operator Cap offers tactical features and comfortable alternative for your everyday head-gear.  Featuring a hook patch and a Virtus logo on the front panel while being lightweight constructed for an incredible all-day training. 

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